The Venus of Milo....from behind!  Special occasion Sunday studio attire by @hmerrick Photo by Candace Meyer  were you born curious? #vanityfair @vanityfair #vfborncurious #nyc  @eve_speciall spinning under the stars for tonight's #omegaapollo45 celebration with @omega #vfborncurious
   I am excited announce that our rugs have been selected as a finalist in the Western Living Designer of the Year Awards in the Furniture category. I am up against some of the best in the business including some of my closest friends in the industry. Thank you to all who have supported this project especially the Burritt Brothers and Ainsley Jones. See you at the party!  Someone take me out!
   What I too deeply ached to see, I lovingly made with both of my hands.  Vanity Games #vfborncurious #cornhole @landrie @jonyc  Guest of honor, Buzz Aldrin who stepped onto the moon 45 years ago #apollo45 #omegaapollo45 #vfborncurious
 Vanity Fair in Vogue. #vfborncurious #vogue #vanityfair  This is a shot of the abstract painting, Over Oceans, which was the departure point for my first rug line. Photo from the archives by @pineconecamp  One small step for #iThigh, one giant leap for womankind. @theithigh #VFBornCurious #Apollo11 #iThigh  I know. Freaked me out too. But how often do you see them in the same room? #Justin #Miley #Justin/Mileymashup #vfborncurious ? Or #separatedatbirth ? @vfagenda
 In progress shot of my work for my new solo show opening on May 29th in Vancouver. Email me to get on our invite list.  Our founder @tzechengchun was. Find the full story at #vfborncurious (cc: @vfagenda)  spin  #vfborncurious #sundayflowers @emenicheschi